Executive Board

Territorial Charter Chapter

Yuma, AZ, 85366

Our Mission

To provide members with innovative tools which will enable them to reimagine their future, enhance educational opportunities, and improve professionalism.

President Lynne Gouge

Vice President Silvia Kempton

Secretary Sonja Grimaldi

Treasurer Andria Bovey

Join us at the Yuma Civic Center,

1440 W Desert Hills Dr, Yuma, AZ 85365,

6 pm - 8 pm for dinner, networking, professional development, and guest speakers, all for just $25.

Looking forward to our best year together,

Lynne Gouge

2022-2023 Territorial Charter Chapter President

928.919.1998 WomensExpoYuma@Gmail.com

Territorial Charter Chapter

PO Box 5626, Yuma, AZ 85366